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The single best reason to seek out the best natural gas grill is the obvious; you never have to worry about running out of fuel half way through cooking a meal.  But what other benefits are there to a natural gas grill?

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As gas grills have grown larger and more powerful, gas usage has increased, and this means they cost more to run.  Admittedly, you use twice as much natural gas as propane but as it costs one-sixth as much to buy, this means the operating cost of the grill is reduced by a third.  Natural gas is also cleaner to burn than propane for those that are especially environmentally conscious, and simply cleaner and easier to use than charcoal.

Using a natural gas grill

To set up a natural gas grill, a contractor would be advisable as gas is every bit as dangerous as electricity if you don’t know exactly what you are doing.  But once the first alteration has been made, it is easy to plug in the natural gas grill and get cooking.

Once up and running, a natural gas grill is the epitome of convenience.  It is ready to cook almost instantly, and there is no tank to be removed and exchanged.  If you are planning to be cooking for a long period of time, this is even easier with a direct gas supply.


A few tips for easy maintenance;

  • Clean the grill after each use – close the lid and allow to continue to burn for about 10-15 minutes which burns off residue on the grates then once cooled, brush with a steel or nylon brush (check manufacturers instructions for any particular advice)
  • Check the gas lines regularly to make sure there are no cracks or leaks – if the lines seem at all brittle, shut off the gas and get a replacement

High End 

Weber Genesis 6570001 S-330 Stainless Steel 637-square-inch 38000-BTU Natural Gas Grill

The Weber S-330 features three stainless steel burners producing 38,000 BTUs operated by a front mounted control panel and individual electronic ignition systems.  It has a total area of 637 square inches for cooking which breaks down to 507 square inches of primary are and 130 square inches warming rack area.

This is a grill with a host of extra features including porcelain enamelled flavorizer bars, heavy duty swivel castors for easy movement, the front two of which lock in place and six tools hooks.  The cooking grates are made from stainless steel, and a centre mounted thermometer allows easy monitoring of cooking temperature.  The cart itself is steel for strength.

Total unit size: 30 x 64 x 60inches


Weber Genesis 6631001 E-330 637-square-inch 38000-BTU Natural-Gas Grill, Black

The E-330 features many of the same features as the S-330 including three stainless steel burners and an individual electrical ignition system as well as an output of 38,000 BTUs.  It also has a 637 square inch cooking area with 507 inches of primary and 130 square inches of warming rack.

The main different is in appearance with this model; it is composed of steel but is painted to give a stylish black finish.  It still features porcelain enamelled cooking grates made from cast iron and a centre mounted thermometer.  The swivel castors are heavy duty, and the front two are lockable.

Total unit size: 30 x 60 x 64 inches


Weber 47510001 Spirit E310 Natural Gas Grill, Black

The Weber Spirit has three stainless steel burners and an output of 32,000 BTUs operating over a 424 square primary cooking area as well as a 105 square inch warming rack.  The burners operate over a cast iron, porcelain enamelled cooking grate which need no seasoning to use and are easy to clean.

The grill also features six tool hooks, flavourizer bars and a steel cabinet which is also porcelain enamelled.  The heavy duty castors will ensure easy movement from one spot to another.

Total unit size: 32 x 52 x 63 inches

This is just an introduction to the world of the best natural gas grills to help you pick if one of these products is the right one for you and your family.  Happy grilling!

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